Monticello Golf Back 9

Monticello Golf Back 9

Monticello Golf Course of Savannah Lakes Village, Back 9.

Monticello Hole 10 & 11

Hole No. 10 Par 4  417 yards.

This straight  par  4  reveals  itself from the tee. Keeping the drive on the left side opens the approach. But don’t hit it too far, as the fairway falls away past 250 yds. A fairway wood or long iron may be the best play from the tee. Hit it straight to avoid trouble on the left and right.

Hole No. 11 Par 5   534 yards.

This is a reachable par 5 for the very bold player. The hole will play best if you ”slide” your tee shot off the bunker on the left, then again “slide” your second shot off the target bunkers at the second landing area and green. Three perfectly  executed shots may provide you with a great opportunity on the well contoured green surrounded by water.

Hole No. 12 Par 3   183 yards.

This one shooter requires a deft approach, as there is little bailout room. The green is surrounded with water, bulk heading, a bunker, and grass depression. Try not to miss the putting surface!

Hole No. 13 Par 4   383 yards.

This tight par 4 requires a precise  tee shot between the pines on the left and the fairway bunker on the right. The medium or short iron    approach must avoid the bunkers left and right, and find this very small green.

Hole No. 14 Par 4   350 yards.

This is the second shortest par 4 on the course, and one that can be reached from the tee by the bravest. The margin for error is slim with water and a deep bunker guarding the elevated green. Only a narrow opening exists. A prudent play would be a medium to long iron off the tee and a wedge to the putting surface.

Hole No. 15 Par 5    581 yards.

This is definitely a 3 shot hole for most golfers. Play out to the right of the pond at the target bunkers. Keep your next shot short of the bunker in the middle of the fairway. This will still leave a medium iron to a relatively small uphill target guarded by bunkers and a large grass depression on the front right

Hole No. 16 Par 3    242 yards.

This is probably rated 3 .5+   shooter, even though it has no sand   bunkers. Rough divides the entrance to the green. After assessing the location of the pin, choose your club, and hit it hard, but not too long, as water is behind the green.

Hole No. 17 Par 4 393 yards.

This medium length par 4 is your last best chance for a birdie. A fairway wood or long iron will  position you short of the pond leaving you a medium iron approach to this well protected green with water and sand. Plan your approach carefully; however, there is room to miss long and right.

Hole No. 18 Par 4   475 yards.

Aim at the bunker on the right side of the fairway and hit it hard with a draw. Your approach shot will be a fairway wood to long iron depending on pin location. The fairway splits around the grass bunker so hope to be on the right side and take par, which will feel like a birdie.