Tara Golf Back 9

Tara Golf Back 9

Hole No. 10 Par 4   428 yards

Bring your rifle to the tee, and hit to the left part of the fairway to avoid the right side bunkers. Then get your long to medium iron on the green, two putt for par, say thank you and go to the next hole. A very demanding golf hole.

Hole No. 11 Par 3   170 yards

A medium length par three. Club selection is critical to avoid a difficult bunker shot or a long putt on the large green.

Hole No. 12 Par 4   447 yards

Just hit your tee shot straight and about 270 yards and this hole is not that tough, but… this is the beginning of what I think is the heart of the course. If you can play 12 through fifteen in even par, you possess a very good level of the game.

Hole No. 13 Par 5   572 yards

Another solid par five that requires a blend of length and accuracy. After your tee shot clears the marsh, then your long iron second must stay short of a fairway grass bunker that is not visible to the player, leaving a long wedge to the green.

Hole No. 14 Par 4   450 yards

Another long par four and the difficult part about this hole is the club selection for the second shot. You don’t realize how much uphill it is until you get to the green. Par is an excellent score considering that the green is well bunkered and rolling.

Hole No. 15 Par 3-236 yards

A long and difficult par three with no tricks. It requires a well executed tee shot to find the green, and from the back markers, pray that wind is not in your face or it could mean a driver shot to reach.

Hole No. 16 Par 5   540 yards

This is a dog-leg right par five that lulls you into the right side of the fairway. You must drive to the left center in order to have the best angle for your second shot, to a narrow sloping landing area. Then uphill on your third shot to a very difficult green.

Hole No. 17 Par 4   340 yards

A short and tight par four. Big hitters may be able to drive the green. The length of the second shot is critical. You’ll need lots of spin to control your second shot on the sloping green that is well protected by large bunkers.

Hole No. 18 Par 4   410 yards

What a great hole! It requires decent length and precision accuracy on your tee-shot to avoid the fairway bunkers on the left and the row of pot bunkers on the right. Then you’ll face a medium length shot from a slightly side hill lie to a downhill green surrounded by water and sand. This hole tests every aspect of your game and your nerves.