Tara Golf 1 thru 9

Tara Golf 1 thru 9

Hole No. 1 Par 4   392 yards

The first hole is a very good start. It almost looks like an enemy, who turns out to be a friend. I say this because it looks so long standing on the tee, but after a solid drive to left center of the fairway, it leaves a medium to short iron to the green. Make sure that you choose the proper club for your approach, as there is a hill in right center of the green.

Hole No. 2 Par 5    530 yards

A solid par 5. Virtually unreachable in two shots by most. Aim your tee just to the right of the bunker on the left and it will kick slightly to the right upon landing. The single tree on the
left looks like a great place to aim your second shot, but it is in the rough. Steer to the right and you’ll have a short iron to an uphill green.

Hole No. 3 Par 4    405 yards

The hardest easy hole on the course. It requires a very solid tee shot or you’ll fall victim to the swales left and right on the bottom of the slope in the fairway. Drive over this and you’ll be left with a 5 or 6 iron to an uphill green.

Hole No. 4 Par 4    404 yards

Again, a good tee shot is important. The fairway is adequately wide, but the first two fairway bunkers see a lot of action by all types of golfers. All you need to do to make par here is be a good driver, very good iron player, and an equally good putter. No problem.

Hole No. 5 Par 3    185 yards

A very good par three, which requires a medium to large iron from the gold tees. A wide green that requires a bold shot if the pin is behind the bunker on the left.

Hole No. 6 Par 4    449 yards

A beautiful hole. A meandering downhill drive framed by a bunker that you don’t want to be in. If you’re strong enough to fly on the green side part of the slope to the left, it can turn a fairway wood into a mid-iron second. It’s a 30 to 40 foot rise in elevation to the two tiered green that is well protected by grass and sand bunkers.

Hole No. 7 Par 3    156 yards

A dandy short hole only 150 yards, but it’s a must to hit the correct portion of the green to avoid three putts on this undulating green.

Hole No. 8 Par 5    543 yards

A good challenging five par that requires plenty of accuracy to open your second shot for this dog-leg left. The big hitters may reach this one in two shots, but don’t stray when you try.

Hole No. 9 Par 4   345 yards

A good challenging four par that requires accuracy. Don’t stray when you hit your second shot over the water to the 9th & 18th large shared green