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Savannah Lakes Village May 2019 Real Estate Market Recap

Here’s what’s happening in your neighborhood.

The month of May did not disappoint for the real estate market in Savannah Lakes Village. The data is phenomenal, May produced 13 sales totaling $3.44 million. Sales volume in May was up 19% compared to April. Of the 13 homes sold in May, 3 were Waterfront, 2 Golf, and 8 were Interior homes.

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Last year in May there were only 4 sales amounting to $937k. Momentum is continuing to build and 2019 is shaping up to be another record breaker.

Real Estate Report Year to Date (January-May 2019)

While the year started off slow for real estate in Savannah Lakes Village, after May we have already exceeded the previous year in overall volume and number of homes sold for the same time period.

January to May Home Sales - Click for Larger Image
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Total sales volume from January to May 2019 was $10.84 Million. This is up 29.6% from last year during the same time period where sales volume was $8.36 million.

Median sales prices for resale homes have risen across the board and are currently $349k for Waterfront Homes, $255k for Golf Homes, and $175k for interior homes. The overall median home price in Savannah Lakes Village has risen to $239k, a 29.2% increase from the same time period last year, where the overall median price was $185k.

January to May Home Sales - Click for Larger Image
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Lot sales are still on the upswing. Interior lots are selling more than anything else, however we are also seeing some waterfront and golf lots selling as well. As we have been predicting, our resale home inventory is shrinking and people are starting to look at lots to build on. There have been 34 new home starts this year, 10 of those are Ivey and Key Stone builders.

The overall sales figures for 2019 are telling us that Savannah Lakes Village is on track to set another record breaking year in real estate. Last year was the best year we’ve had in over 10 years, and this year may turn out to be 20-30% better if current trends continue.

Listing Agency Performance 2019
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