Lot 6 Block 14 Magnolia

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Lot 6 Block 14 Magnolia Mc Cormick, SC 29835

Sold $48,900 - Golf Lot

If you want to be close to all the activities then this could be the golf lot you are looking for. It sits above road level, is fairly flat, and has enough room to build almost any size home you would want. Build any time, country club membership included with purchase.The 23,000 sq. ft. Activity Center offers state of the art exercise equipment, bowling, indoor pool, spa and a large auditorium for special events. There are two clubs and golf courses – Tara and Monticello – to enjoy golfing and South Carolina weather offers almost year round outdoor activities. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations to be as busy as you like, or just sit back and enjoy a stress free lifestyle.

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