Lot 1 Block 28 Monticello, McCormick, SC 29835

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Lot 1 Block 28 Monticello, Monroe Ln Mc Cormick, SC 29835

Contingent, Sold $49,000 - Golf Lot

Sitting on top of the Hill Looking Down on the #7 Green

When I was growing up, we called this ‘King of the Hill’

Located in the Monticello subdivision this golf lot has what most would call an unbelievable view.  This building location puts you on top of the green at #7 and looking down the fairway of # 8. Your views are wide, long, and far-reaching.    With panoramic views from the right or the left of the property, lush fairways, and greens, it’s like having a park for your back yard, and you don’t have to mow the grass! The neighborhood is already established, and of course, the location couldn’t get much better. The Monticello clubhouse is just minutes away, Strom Thurmond lake close by, and a short drive to the 23,000-square-foot activity center.

With just a slight slope, this will be an easy lot to build on. The owners have already met with one of the local builders and have established you can build a slab home should you choose. This is a rarity nowdays to find a golf lot that is somewhat flat and still has incredible vistas.  Being a corner lot gives you privacy as well.

You will love living in a South Carolina Golf Community. You will be able to golf almost year round. Our spring starts in early March. Imagine, a Beautiful View for the Rest of your Life!

There is no time limit for building.  Call today, 800779-8177 for more information.

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