238 New Years Dr, McCormick, SC 29835

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238 New Years Mc Cormick, SC 29835

For Sale $175,000 - Lake Lot

Property Information

Beautiful dockable lake lot with 138 feet of shoreline on the deep water Savannah River side of Lake Thurmond and no HOA/POA fees! This lot includes a covered RV carport and travel trailer RV camper. There is a septic system on site for the RV, county water, and electric service from Little River Electric co-op. Percolation test has already been performed on the lot. An optional membership to Little River Cottage Sites is available for $25 per year. This lot is outside the boundaries of Savannah Lakes Village.

This lot features a gentle slope towards Lake Thurmond, ideal for water views. Suitable for a build with any type of foundation, including a slab home, consult your builder of choice for specific location requirements.

The travel trailer RV camper is being included as a bonus, and was not factored into the price of the lot. The 2006 39 foot Palomino PUMA with two slides, model # 39PFLSS offers a convenient place to stay while you build or visit the lot.

Property Map